Thursday, June 7, 2012

Farm Chicks Antique Show!

 We set out on a week long road trip traveling from Salt Lake to Spokane (destination Farm Chicks!) and hit every antique store in between last week!  It was a great trip and our 2nd time attending Farm Chicks which meant I was much more prepared for the crowds and didn't hesitate purchasing the things I loved because you can't expect anything you love to still be available at this show if you walk away to "think about it"!  While, we didn't find any furniture or great vintage quilt tops for Fiber & Fire we certainly

    found   lots of    JUNK! 

I'm not talking about the junk you keep in one of your kitchen drawers, of course, I'm talking about the kind of junk you can't wait to get home and re-purpose into something amazing and crafty.  We could all use more of that junk.  Right?!

From Pocatello, ID (ever heard of Vain & Vintage??) to Missoula, MT (Selvedge Studio I already miss thee!) and for every exit from Montana's edge through the Idaho panhandle there were great antique places not to be missed!

We only brought a 10' trailer pulled by a Ford Expedition so of course we had to pack light for the trip.  I mean I think that's pretty "light" for 4 ladies, no?

We bought our tickets the day before the show and patiently waited for two hours in line the day of to be one of the first people in the doors when the clock struck 10 am!

With pictures like these is it really that hard to believe that we filled the entire trailer with great finds for our homes?  It really doesn't matter if you are a shabby chic princess or industrial miner there is something for everyone at this place and I can't wait until Farm Chicks 2013!

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