Friday, April 8, 2011

So Tweet!

We found the chair below in a dated navy blue with green and cream plaid fabric. We're sure plaid has its place in the design world but we weren't feeling it at all on this piece. Another thing we weren't feeling was the built in front legs-too plain! Up to this point we had never taken legs off a piece that were built in and then installed plates to screw in new legs. We're pretty adventurous but knowing this piece was destined for Swiss Days we thought it was only right to let a true professional do this part for least once that is-it turns out it's SO EASY! In the future this project will not intimidate us in the least and we plan on posting a tutorial to take you step by step with us. Unfortunately the before picture doesn't feature the wonderful (not) plaid fabric as we got a little ahead of our self but you can somewhat see the original front leg on the bottom right of the picture.

As you might be able to tell the chair originally had some tufting on the back and normally we're all about the tufting and by we I might just mean me, LOVE the look HATE the work involved. It wasn't my laziness that kept the tufting out though! The beautiful fabric picked for this piece just needed no extra detail.

One of my favorite things about this chair is how the roundness of the seat matches the round shape of the new legs. The raspberry colored birds on the fabric are pretty awesome too. Here's a closer look of the detail and colors on the fabric.
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