Wednesday, September 21, 2011

House Tour - Sewing Room

About a week before Swiss Days I moved. Again. I move a lot. Like a lot a lot. In less than a month I will have officially lived in Utah for 3 years. During those 3 years I've lived in 5 houses - ACK!

My best friend and her husband moved into the Highland Park neighborhood in Sugarhouse a few years ago and last July I followed suit and rented the top part of a small house in the same neighborhood. There were a lot of things I really liked about the house and a few things that were less than ideal. My main issue was that it was only a two bedroom house and in Andrea's world that translates to a master bedroom and a sewing room but with my mom and little sister visiting so often and staying long periods of time during holidays I quickly realized it would be nice to offer them something better than an aero bed surrounded by fabric scraps.

In August I found a solution by way of this cute little house:

Only five streets down and in the same neighborhood it's an arts & crafts style home built in 1939. The house technically only has 2 bedrooms with a bath up and a bath down. However, there is a 7'x11' sun room and an extra bonus/rec room in the basement. I knew the sun room would have to become the sewing room if I wanted to have a comfortable place for visitors to stay and surprisingly its small size didn't derail my plans even though my prior sewing room was considerably larger. Honestly, I think I like this space better! I will admit that a large part of the success of this room is having a bonus space downstairs where I keep my cut table/ironing station and stores of fabric.

I have no plans or desire to leave this house anytime soon and would really like to have most or all of the rooms put together before Thanksgiving. I realize that might seem like a ton of time to get things done but between traveling for work each week, custom client projects and a general desire to keep as much handmade as possible Thanksgiving will really be pushing it for me and even then I am only hoping to have the bigger projects completed.

So, in an effort to keep me honest and keep me going I'm going to share the rooms one by one as they are completed (and by completed I mean there is always room for improvement - I'll never be one of those people who has a "finished" room let alone house). The sewing room is always the first space I set up in a new home and probably always will be. Take a look.

The before.

Thanks to the narrow size and wall of windows photo taking isn't the easiest in this room but that wall color was actually a very dark mud brown.

View as you enter the space

I got this "Bronco Babe" tool caddy half off at a store in Kanab, UT as they had it in a window display resulting in visible fading. It is 100% my style.

The curtains were made from one of my favorite gals (Anna Maria Horner!) fabric while the space under the windows features different shelving units that were either take offs from previous furniture projects I did or found at flea markets.

The color inspiration for the room-

yellow, pink, turquoise

I bought this wall planter for $2 at a DI store a couple of years ago and after a quick paint job it's been catching my scraps ever since.

The window shelves are lined with little trinkets. This antique sewing drawer (found at Farm Chicks) is holding a flour sack (found in Idaho) with a date of 1923 and 'Salt Lake City' printed on it along with some spools of thread and one of my Aunt Patti's old business cards. She was an incredible artist who lived in a small, beautiful historic home in Pasadena, CA where she attempted to teach me how to play the harp when I was 9 years old.

Ha! I find these cupcakes stored in boxes all over my house. 4 or 5 years ago I read an article in some magazine about making felted cupcakes out of thrift store sweaters. I had to make them! I had to make them again and again apparently b/c I'm still finding them. *note wool sweaters are no where to be found in Arizona thrift stores hence the reason this is clearly not felted.

Mason jars & found objects

Mr. Mousey Mouse Mouse.

Oh, yea. Did I mention the view of the backyard from the sewing room?

If my sewing room had a motto this would be it.

The closet is getting there. For the time being I switched out the clothes rod with a smaller rod so ribbon can be held out of the way and started organizing the shelves.