Friday, May 13, 2011

Market Sneak Peek

Our first day at market was sooo much fun! We've already ordered some new fabrics and patterns and more importantly met AWESOME people and by AWESOME people I mean people like this fabric designing goddess...

Yes, that's Amy Butler-the Amy Butler and my mother sitting in her booth featuring the organic line of Soul Blossoms. She was very friendly and of course Mom didn't waste any time telling her how well our furniture pieces did last year using her Love fabric line. She actually told us she'd love to see pictures of the furniture and gave us her card...Amy I hope you were genuine because Mom is already collecting the photos. :)

We also met Anna Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry and so many other great artists. I feel like I'm on overload! When we were strolling through the Michael Miller booths we got to witness an impromptu interview of Rob Appell (a now Michael Miller artist, formerly of Free Spirit) and he was dressed up in his super hero outfit talking all about how quilters can help save animals and be an everyday superhero.

Rob Appell

Once we get over being star struck we'll post some pictures of the too good to be true booth designs throughout the show.


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