Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recent Finds

We sorted through our stores this weekend and managed to take several pictures of found furniture we have yet to start work on. Given all of the excitement over the settees lately we are posting a couple below that we will be refinishing soon OR if one really strikes your fancy email us (address on our sidebar) and we'll customize it just for you!

The settee below is small, approx. 44''(l)x16''(d)x32''(h), and the bottom cushion will be filled with down. If the settee is not claimed we will give it a french make over with the fabric used on the settee here.
This is a beautiful antique settee we just found on Saturday! The wood is mahogany and the piece is much larger than it appears, approx. 60''(l)x24''(d)x42''(h), a beautiful carving of a woman's face is at the top.

After this weekend all of our special order aprons from Swiss Days will be in the mail and we will start work on the furniture above and so much more - can't wait!


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  1. Hey I have tried to email you a couple of times I saw your booth at swiss days and loved you furniture. I am in need of a fabulous peice for my front room. I love the settee that you have pictured!!! How do I get a hold of you? My email is