Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day & Goodbye Swiss Days!

Happy Labor Day everyone! We've been hitting the snooze button all morning after a very labor intensive weekend at Swiss Days. THANK YOU to everyone who came out and met us-we had a blast! We met so many amazing people and we are overwhelmed by all of your kind words and support. We hope to be at Swiss Days again next year but in the mean time let's keep in touch-a girl can never have too many great friends! To everyone who is interested in what pieces we have available to be customized we'll be taking a lot of photos this week so please drop us a line with the type of frame you're looking for and we'll shoot over some photos of the goods and we can start dreaming up the possibilities. To all of you living in the Salt Lake Valley area of Utah I'm thinking of having an open house of sorts before Christmas highlighting new quilted furniture pieces and funky reclaimed pieces that we finish between now and then. Does that sound like something anyone would be interested in? Dropping in for some good food, good conversation and taking a look at some seriously awesome found furniture in the Sugarhouse area?

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