Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In the beginning...

On the corner of 8th & 8th in downtown SLC there is a little store with one of those great canopies over the front door and the name Emilie Jayne printed in fancy white letters. They don't have a web page just amazing deals on great vintage and eclectic finds. A few weeks ago I spotted this:

I nearly shelled out the $325 on the spot for this blue/turquoise beauty. My lack of space indoors was the only thing that held me back. I couldn't keep the dream of a turquoise hutch out of my mind though and soon stumbled across this in the local classifieds:

Its price tag? $125. Size? Just a bit taller and wider than the Emilie Jayne hutch. My mood? Ecstatic! With just a little bit of elbow grease, paint and some new knobs I'm confident my turquoise dream hutch isn't far away. I searched the web for some further inspiration and came across this beauty:
I found this great table here and now am seriously thinking that dark wood stain needs to be incorporated in my hutch. Oh gosh, I'm so excited to get started! Stay tuned for the final result!

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